Eduardo Tinoco

About Me

A few totally fun facts about me:

  • I hate beer but pretend to like it around certain people
  • I speak fluent español and emoji
  • I prefer to only watch horror movies, but sadly get pressured into the occasional comedy/action flick every now and then
  • I love thai food
  • Dairy gives me pimples
  • Part time vegan full time pescatarian
  • I'm obsessed with skincare
  • I love the paranormal and occult

A few totally profesh facts about me:

  • I love interior design
  • I want to work in fashion/clothing design and manufacturing
  • I want to work in furniture design and manufacturing
  • I'm interested in branding
  • I’m fascinated by commercial design (especially luxury retail)
  • I'm working towards licensure through the NCARB
  • I think life is too serious sometimes
  • I wear a lot of black