Eduardo Tinoco

Eduardo Tinoco Arizona State University Ceramics Research Center Project

Arizona State University Ceramics Research Center

Arizona State University Ceramics Research Center

Studio/classroom space

The Arizona State University Ceramics Research Center would house classrooms, a library, office space,  a cafe and museum. This space will allow for the ASU Ceramics program to collaborate with experts and researchers, and showcase both their artwork and their findings to the public in the museum space. 

The proposed site for the project is located on a pedestrian heavy setting in Downtown Tempe (South Mill Avenue and West 6th Street). With the site only being 23 feet wide and 123 feet long, it proposed major challenges including fitting the program and understanding building height regulations. 

Street View

Gallery Space

Gallery Space

The East and West facing facades are shaded by a double skin ventilated system consisting of fabric panels that can be opened up and closed to allow for more light and ventilation. The North facade consists of fabric fins using the same concept as the West and East facades, opening and closing to allow for more daylight. The non glazing portions of the facade consists of FRP panels that create a shape inspired by the ripples lightweight fabric creates when set down or moved by the wind. 

By exploring ways in which I could carve the building to find the right shape, I was able to create a diagonal cut through the entire space, while leaving a vertical wall on the opposite end to allow daylight to sink inside, and reflect from the vertical wall into the gallery spaces. Doing so limited the amount of square footage per floor as the building increased in elevation, but ended up creating an interesting outcome with narrow gallery spaces and intimate spaces.

Museum Display

For this assignment we were asked to create a museum display for an object which you had a personal connection with. My object is the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology.. I designed this display case while taking inspiration from catholic altars and kneelers. I chose this design because having been raised in a catholic household, I was always told to stay away from anything related to Witches, demons, and dark forces. My curiosity always got the best of me and would read about these subjects privately. My display symbolizes the secrecy behind my actions, and the fact that so much of the content behind what is in the book, has underlying religious  roots connecting to modern day Catholicism and Christianity. 

Manipulating light allowed me to display two crosses into where the book was being kept.