Eduardo Tinoco

Eduardo Tinoco Arizona State University Student Pavilion Project

Arizona State University Student Pavilion

Group Project: Student Pavilion

Eduardo Tinoco
Concept, Architectural design, interior design, materials, renderings

Ziliang Zhao
Concept, Diagrams, renderings

Pabitra Pandeya
Concept, Floor plans, sections

Shared student/faculty lounge looking out to the central courtyard, dividing space and creating privacy with sliding fabric panels

The ASU Student Pavilion in Downtown Phoenix will serve as an expansion to the ever growing campus. The building will consist of classrooms, student lounges, faculty lounges, leasable office space, and a shared public courtyard space to be used by all users. The first floor will serve as street level retail space that will bring the public to the space, and activate the street level of the site. 

The Student Pavilion will also house a large flexible event space that will be used by ASU for freshman orientations and special events. The space can be leased to the public for parties, meetings and special occasions.

Street view

The East and West facing facades are shaded by a double skin ventilated system consisting of fabric panels that can be opened up and closed to allow for more light and ventilation. The North facade consists of fabric fins using the same concept as the West and East facades, opening and closing to allow for more daylight. The non glazing portions of the facade consists of FRP panels that create a shape inspired by the ripples lightweight fabric creates when set down or moved by the wind. 

Flexible event space

Shared public courtyard

Egress and vertical circulation diagram