Eduardo Tinoco

artifact 001


artifact 001 // geometric tile
inspiration: contrast // technology vs organic
material: porcelain


Aesthetically, I wanted to create something that looks sharp, dangerous and machine made, yet has the ability to be arranged organically, as a set of clusters. The hexagonal shape of the artifact allows for it to be arranged in different orientations, creating these formations and clusters on a flat surface.

The process behind developing artifact 001 involved working through various iterations of the protruding tile, and then 3D modelling the final design in Fusion 360. After designing the piece, it had to be 3D printed, and prepped for mold making. Cleaning, sanding, and perfecting the 3D printed surface, as well as casting it in plaster, took time and effort. However, this was a crucial step for creating the rubber positives of the tile to both archive, and use for the final ram press molds.